Yes, I know this has taken forever, and it's STILL not finished!! However, the first few hundred pages is available for your perusal. Well, almost a few hundred. Enjoy what we've got for you, and watch this space. The culmination of the story is still to come, plus a few pics for you to see what a bunch of hooligans this lot is.
I can't believe another year has passed. We congregated at Andy's place at the end of November for another one of our infamous end of year get togethers. I distinctly remember having fun ... I think. Great bash, all. Here's to next year!
Our very own Clarence err I mean ummm Clement is FAMOUS!!! Well done, mate!!

Christmas in June, June 26, 2004
June 26th, at 7.30pm, saw the start of what turned out to be an astonishingly brilliant evening. Notwithstanding the fact that quite a few of us were feeling quite tired by then due to having been there most of the day getting everything ready, once we stepped out onto the stage to officially open the evening, the tiredness magically disappeared. Our sincerest thanks and congratulations to those who made it all happen. A special mention to Laura, what can we say? Very, very well done!! Bruce, the food was outstanding. Danny, Owen, Andy et al. *clap clap clap* Watch this space for a more detailed write-up of the evening.
  • Pics from the evening

  • Band Party 2003, 22 November
    I'm still trying to recover. A grand, grand party, and here's to next year!
    Grant's Pub & Grill, Epsom Downs shopping centre, cnr William Nicol and Sloane St, Bryanston, Saturday 1 November 2003 from 11am
    WHAT A GAME!! Ireland played brilliantly, but Australia managed to pull off a single point victory. We had a really great time, with a most enthusiastic audience, considering that they had been there since 6am that morning watching other World Cup matches, and not a few of them were, shall we say, umm high-spirited? Thanks to Grant's for a truly memorable gig.
    The Blue Goose, Grosvenor Crossing, Wednesday 1 October 2003 from 7pm
    We had a FANTASTIC evening at the Blue Goose on the 1st of October. We will be returning to this great pub soon, so watch this space for details. The patrons of the pub, as well as the Fishmonger restaurant next door, really enjoyed our playing, which was reflected by their generosity in filling the hat which was passed around. Our fundraising for the Edinburgh Tattoo 2005 was given a nice little boost, so our thanks to you all for giving so generously!! A special thanks to our 2 highland dancers, Shendl and Shannon, for a stunning performance. Well done, ladies!!
    Sunday Picnic Concert at the Witwatersrand Botanical Garden on Sunday 17 August 2003
    We were astonished at the amount of people that turned up for this next in the series of concerts sponsored by Classic FM, which is reported to have been somewhere between 4000 and 7000 people. It was a glorious day, with the SA Irish band going down a treat with the crowd, and Marina sounding heavenly on stage doing a solo performance of her song "Once More". Please join us back at the Botanical Garden on the 5th of October, where we will be a featured act on stage, live and mostly unplugged.
    Due to yours truly being unable to see the wood for the trees for the last while, we have been very slack in updating the site. Our humble apologies, but we are making up for it with a whole herd of piccies from our last few escapades. Enjoy!!
    The Royal Irish Regiment visit 2004
    It was a warm but historic day when the pipes and drums of the Royal Irish Regiment combined with us to put on a bit of a show at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. Great to have them here, albeit for only a week.
    BARBERTON 2004
    Another Barberton bites the dust in spectacular fashion. Always a brilliant weekend, this one stands with the best of them. We have the dubious honour of sharing some memories from the weekend with you in terms of pictures, BUT BE WARNED!! Some of them are guaranteed to offend. We also have some members who seem to have discovered the use of the middle finger, and overdid it a LOT! Okay, so be brave, and click on the link below.
    Teddy Bear's Picnic at the Witwatersrand Botanical Garden on Sunday 5 October 2003 and Pretoria Botanical Garden on Sunday 12 October
    Even though it was very warm indeed at both these venues, we had a great time entertaining the crowds. A few cold brews after the performances didn't go amiss either. I'd like to thank the genius that invented the mister bottle, as it was put to good use cooling us all down, even though my wife thought I might be getting a little overheated under my kilt, and subsequently ended up giving a free show at my expense to some when she lifted it to cool the family jewels down a bit. Oh well ...
    SA Irish at FIBBER McGHEE's - Sunday 21 September 2003
    We were well received at Fibber's, with owner, Lorne Knox, "looking forward to building Fibber McGhee as a known pipe band venue in the family entertainment market." We look forward to future gigs there.


    N1 north (from Joburg) and take the Olifantsfontein offramp at the Protea Midrand hotel. Head west until just before the Pretoria West/Olifantsfontein 4-way stop. Turn right on a dirt road. About 50 metres down you'll get a T-junction, left again, and the entrance is on your left. Fibber's is behind SAW Timber.

    See you there!!
    SA IRISH PUB NIGHT - Friday 22 August 2003
    Did you miss it? FOR SHAME!!!! Go bile yer heid!!! It was a brilliant evening, and huge fun was had by all. Some don't actually recall rather large sections of the evening, but that was obviously due to the sensation overload. Don't miss the next one now. Keep visiting our site regularly, and details of the next sensory awareness evening will no doubt make an appearance right here.
    St. Paddy's Day Show - 2003
    We finally did it!! A proper show, like. Click here for the pics and story.

    November 29, 2002, saw the arrival of Baby Dippenaar. The SA Irish take this opportunity to congratulate Andy and Aviva on their new daughter, Jemma Danielle, and thank them for contributing to the SA Irish long term plan of adding tenor drummers to the fold! According to Andy though, the way she screamed when removed from her sanctuary, with those lungs she is destined to be a piper.
    On the 9th of November 2002, the SA Irish Pipes and Drums participated as part of a massed band along with representatives from the Transvaal Scottish Pipes and Drums and the Lighthorse in the Freedom Regiment Parade through Johannesburg in which 6 Light Anti-Aircraft were granted the Freedom of the City. This honour has not been bestowed on many regiments, and the bands involved all belong to regiments thus honoured in the past. Our congratulations to the Transvaal Scottish, this being the year of their Centenary.
    It was a miserably cold day at the Regional Finals on Saturday July 20, but it didn't stop the SA Irish Pipes and Drums from winning both the Grade 3 MSR and Medley selection, as well as becoming the proud recipients of our branded "mobile home", courtesy of a warm-hearted Mr Ralph Reynolds and Vazon Logistics. Ralph has shown tremendous support and dedication to the band, and he was presented with a certificate adopting Vazon Logistics as a Friend of the SA Irish. Many thanks for your support, Ralph. Click here for photos of the mobile home and the presentation.
    St. Paddy's Day
    The Band took to the streets to celebrate St Patrick's Day 2002, wowing the crowds at McGinty's Randburg Waterfront and McGinty's Banbury Cross.
    Click here to view photos from the day.
    On the evening of November 27, Craig and I played at the Rhema South Family Church for their Christmas celebration production.
    Quite unbelievably, the Golden Jubilee Edinburgh Military Tattoo is now a thing of the past, and we are all back from what has been the most amazing trip. New friendships forged, unforgettable moments experienced, and the inherited inability to actually play pipes unless you are standing in a shower.

    As promised, click here to read about our exploits in Edinburgh.

    To find out more about the Tattoo, visit the web site at
    The weekend of 4 - 5 May saw the Amanzimtoti Lions hosting the 2002 South Coast Gathering, at Hutchison Park in Toti. The Lions always do a spectacular job, and this year was no exception. It's the best supported pipe band event on the calendar from both a band and a public perspective. A record 23 bands were on the field this year, and public attendance was fantastic. The S A Irish Pipes & Drums were there, of course, but this year, with a slight difference. Apart from putting on a highly commendable performance in the competitions, taking 2nd place in both the MSR and Medley events, the band also mounted a stall to raise funds for their planned 2003 Tour. A "Pub in a Bucket" was raffled off too, and congratulations go to Mrs I Wolmarans, of Amanzimtoti, for walking off (or is it staggering off?) with the bucket full of bottles! Huge thanks go to everyone who helped with the stall, especially Wendy, Julian, Karen, Ian, Laura, Bronwyn, Jessica, and Kayle - and of course to all the band members for adding a little saffron to the stall itself! A great day of music was brought to an end with a "lekker" braai at Stella Maris with the whole S A Irish team and the lads from KES. Aching feet and tired musical muscles wouldn't stand in the way of one final chance to have a wee bit more fun. Here's to the next one!
    The S A Irish Pipes & Drums added a little Irish spirit to the O'Hagan's stand at the 94.7 International Food and Drink Festival, at the Northgate Dome, on Friday evening, 26 April 2002, as well as on center stage on Sunday 28 April 2002. A great time was had by all, especially the hordes of people who flocked to the sound of the pipes. A special thanks to Ian from O'Hagan's, Ferndale, for organizing the event, and being such a gracious host. The event was a huge success.

    Go raibh tú daibhir i mí-áidh
    Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
    Go mall ag déanamh namhaid
    go luath a déanamh carad
    May you be poor in ill-luck
    rich in blessings
    slow to make enemies
    quick to make friends.